Pressure washing and exterior cleaning is one of the best ways to improve your sale results. It is a cost-effective face lift for your home and should be part of any pre-Sale To Do list.

Before you sell your house or other property, you will make improvements to appeal to buyers. But you want to get the best bang for your buck – concentrating on the tasks that will give the biggest impact for the lowest investment. That might not be a full-scale paint job, but it definitely will be an exterior clean.

Some results from exterior cleaning suggest it can add 5 to 10% to your sale price !

So either do it yourself or hire a professional – the effort is worth it.

#1 Improve Street Appeal for a Better First Impression

In this competitive market, first impressions matter. Some research suggests 76% of buyers say first impressions are everything when purchasing a home. Home buyers want to feel good when they walk through the front door of their potential new home.

Pressure washing your exterior walls, driveways and paths will make your home look clean and well maintained, improving your curb appeal.

If the outside of your home has years of dirt, grime and mould, buyers may move on without ever looking inside your home. Pressure washing the exterior of your home will attract buyers that may not have looked otherwise.

A clean exterior tells buyers that you take care of your home.

#2 Upgrade The Listing

Homes with high-quality photography sell faster. A professional photographer can only do if so much if the property exterior has caked on grime.

A pressure washed home will look better in photos and almost all buyers are searching for property online. Younger demographics are nearly 100% online and even most older buyers (over 70%) search online listings.

You need your property to stand out amongst the masses of listings and similar looking homes. Do some research and look at currently listed homes. See how their photos compare to your home. You may notice that higher-priced homes look clean and fresh compared to lower priced, grime-covered homes.

#3 Increase Natural Light

Cleaning your windows is another way to improve your sale. Increasing the natural light in your home will do wonders for how you feel living inside.

Pressure washing will remove all the dirt, grime, cobwebs, and wasp or bees nests that are blocking natural light.

Natural light will lighten a buyers’ mood as they tour your home, and you want your potential home buyers to feel positive walking through the door of their new home. Natural light can boost that good feeling!

#4 Create a Healthier Home

Wash Me
Pressure or soft-washing removes allergens like mould, algae and pollen from the surface of your home.

This can not only effect family members with allergies or asthma. You won’t get a sale if potential buyers end up coughing, sneezing, with watery eyes, or complain about allergy related effects!

#5 Prevent Costly Injuries and Improve Curb Appeal

Over the years, dirt and algae can build up on your stairs, patio, or driveway. That grime can become slick and slippery, and cause slip and fall accidents.

Pressure washing the driveway, patio, or outdoor stairs can prevent costly injuries from occurring and improve the overall life and quality of the structure.

#6 Reduce costs for you or the new buyer

Removing all those years of dirt, grime, mould, and algae makes inspecting your home much easier for yourself, buyers and building inspectors.

You may also find you don’t actually need to replace pavers, timbers, gutters or apply a new coat of paint. This can save you money or lots of time in getting your property ready.

Buyers don’t want to buy a home that looks like it hasn’t been maintained for years. Well-maintained homes sell faster, and exterior cleaning reduces the risk on things being missed.

Not only will you have saved yourself hours and hundreds to thousands of dollars completing potential buyer’s repair requests, you will have increased your home’s value by 5 to 10 percent.

Don’t you want to get the most out of your investment? A home is the biggest investment most people make in their life.

Not only that, but a clean home means less work for buyers, and buyers don’t want to spend time or money catching a home up on neglected maintenance!

So give it shot cleaning your house yourself or give Boost Exterior Cleaning a call for a quote and some friendly advice.