House Washing Package Deal Success

House Washing Package Deal Success
For this house I cleaned the entire outside of the house, all the glass fencing, the pool area and the driveway.

The driveway was very dirty as you can see and had a lot of staining from a leopard tree. I used two techniques to get this cleaned, firstly it was softwashed, this involves applying a specially formulated biodegradable soap which I mixed with chlorine at approximately 2%. This was let to dwell and then pressure cleaned with my high pressure surface cleaner.

Once the driveway was clean I then applied 2 coats of a high quality concrete sealer to the driveway which not only enhanced the surface, it also provides a protective coating to keep moisture out and ensure the stains from the tree do not penetrate the concrete and therefore will be much easier to clean in the future.

It is also important to note that this modern house was dark in colour and to avoid premature oxidisation of the paint it is essential it is softwashed annually.

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