How to Clean Your Pool Surrounds


There’s a reason why clean pool surrounds are the benchmark of every home. Walking over a clean, well-cared-for surface not only feels good — but it looks good, too! As you may have noticed, however, keeping your pool surrounds clean is not as easy as it sounds.

Cleaning your pool surrounds requires a lot of work, and because of this, some people choose to neglect the often-tedious task until the area is so dirty it becomes potentially unsafe for use. This is obviously never recommended, but it happens more often than you might think.

This article will discuss how to clean your pool surrounds properly and how often you should be maintaining the area to keep it safe and looking great. Keep reading to learn more about the cleaning procedure and how to keep your pool surrounds in good condition so you can enjoy it with your family.

Why Clean Your Pool Surrounds?

A clean pool area not only looks good, but it’s also safer for use because it doesn’t stick to your feet when wet or become slippery when dry, which lowers the chances of preventable poolside accidents. 

How to Clean Your Pool Surrounds

#1. Sweep the Area

Using an outdoor broom, sweep the pool area of any debris accumulated on the surface. Sweep from a pool edge to a pool edge. Sweep the areas gently so that you do not cause any damage to the tiles or benches. In this case, we recommend using a stiff-bristle outdoor broom. Repeat this step every time you clean your pool area, as needed.

#2. Spray Area with Pool Surface Cleaner

If your stone or concrete pool area has heavy stains or a lot of algae, you may want to loosen this with a cleaning product before pressure washing. Using a spray bottle filled with water, spray the area you have just swept to wet it down, then apply your surface cleaner to your surrounds surfaces according to the instructions on the label or insert included in the packaging. 

#3. Use a Pressure Cleaner

A pressure cleaner (also known as a pressure washer) is typical in the pool surrounds cleaning procedure. It helps minimise the time it takes to apply a pre-cleaner solution, in addition to removing any surface impurities. Using a pressure cleaner eliminates an extra step from your routine and gives you more options when it comes to organising your pool care day. 

That being said, pressure washers are not tools that everyone has lying around, as they are professional tools that require care and caution to use. Injury can result from improper use, so it may be best to call in the experts to clean exterior surfaces, including pressure washing your pool surrounds.

#4.  Apply a Sealant to Your Pool Surrounds

Apply a sealant to your pool surrounds for maximum protection. Applying a coat of dried sealant will give your pool surrounds the ultimate surface protection. Sealants are available in different types, such as penetrating sealant and water repellent sealants. Penetrating sealant can get deep into the tiles and grout, which is essential to prevent unwanted particles from entering and staying in surrounds’ porous surfaces.

#5. Use the Right Cleaning Solution

Choosing the appropriate cleaning solution for your surrounds is essential. Cleaning may be done with most standard home products (such as bleach), however, if you have children or dogs, you may want to choose a more specialised (and non-toxic) solution for the task. It’s a good idea to use an oxygenated solution on concrete, stone, or brick pool surrounds, as oxygen helps break up and lift out grime, dirt, and other accumulated matter.

#6. Apply Bleach or Chlorine Solution

A standard bleach solution can clean your pool surrounds between sealant or stain applications. It also helps speed up the time it takes to bring back the colour of your tiles and grout after applying sealant or stain. You can do it in two ways: using a utility sprayer to spray the surface and a brush to scrub dirty areas.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Pool Surrounds?

As a rule of thumb, you should clean your pool surrounds at least once a year. Depending on how often you use the pool, the area you live, and the type of surrounds, you may need to clean more or less, however. For instance, if you have a concrete, brick, or stone pool surrounds, you should clean it once every other year. For a timber pool deck, we recommend doing it annually. 

There’s a lot of ways to clean your pool surrounds. You can follow the list above or hire a professional exterior house cleaning service to handle the hassle for you. Keeping your pool area free of dirt, debris, debris, and grime is the best way to ensure a great looking pool area all year round.

Boost Exterior Keeps Your Pool Surrounds Looking Good All Year Round

It’s not impossible to clean your pool surrounds on your own, but it’s not easy. Let Boost Exterior Cleaning assist you in achieving your goal of providing a clean and safe pool experience for your family.

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At Boost, we offer a full range of exterior cleaning services to boost the appearance of your investment. We have the equipment to do the job right and take pride in every job we do. We will assess your premises and determine the best mix of chemicals and pressure to apply to clean your exterior surfaces without damaging your property.

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