Top 5 Reasons for getting your Driveway cleaned and sealed


Two of the most commonly used materials in building and outdoor surfaces — concrete and pavers — can also see some of the most wear and tear as time passes. 

No matter how hard the material, driveways see more and heavier usage than any other part of your property.

Concrete and paver damage can occur for multiple reasons. Weather-related damage from rain and erosion can cause gradual deterioration. Mould can grow in the humid summer season, making driveways slippery and dangerous as well. Dirt can build up in the cracks and weeds find a way to make a home there and cause further damage. And even the general use of a driveway (driving your car back and forth on it) can cause imperfections such as microcracks and small holes. 

How do you avoid the damage and dangers of a cracked, messy, or deteriorating driveway?

While you may not immediately think of sealing your driveway as one of the most important home improvement investments to make, hiring a professional to seal and therefore weatherproof the surface could prevent you from having to invest in an expensive full driveway replacement down the line.

Today, we will be taking a look at the importance of getting your driveway cleaned and sealed and get to know some of the primary benefits for you and your home.

What is Driveway Sealing, Exactly?

Driveway sealing (or sealcoating) works by coating the concrete or pavers with a membrane of acrylic, epoxy, or a range of other oil-based products that  fill in gaps left by the deterioration and pressure, and create a flat, even surface on your driveway. 

This barrier prevents oil, sunlight, fuel, salt, and more from staining and wearing away the surface of your driveway. The process can be completed in a weekend, and can be either DIY’ed or done by a professional (which is highly recommended).  

The Benefits of Getting Your Driveway Sealed 

1- Weather Protection

Driveway concrete and pavers are heavily subject to the elements, as a driveway sits out in the open all year-round. Sustained rain during storm season or hot, humid weather that drives mould and plant growth , driveways can develop cracks and deteriorate, leading to surface damage (which can also do damage to your car or tires). 

Having your driveway sealed can prevent common weather deterioration problems from being exposed to the elements. It will increase the durability and good appearance of your driveway as well as help prevent future damage in the process.

Driveway before being sealed

House Washing

Driveway after being pressure cleaned and sealed

House Washing

2- Oil or Fluid Leak Barrier

How often do you get your car maintenance done? What about getting the fuels other fluids flushed and replenished? Or is that something you do on your own? 

If your car maintenance routine isn’t the best, you might experience a leak or spill while pushing maintenance off or doing it at home by yourself. Oil stains can’t just be hosed off with water. Covering and scrubbing are an absolutely necessary baseline to clean up an oil spill on concrete. 

Avoiding soaked-in oil and fluid with a professional driveway seal means keeping your driveway protected and safe with a barrier that lasts. 

3- Mould Protection

Summers in Australia can be incredibly hot and humid, leading to rapid moisture accumulation in places where moisture buildup isn’t necessarily ideal. 

Being a porous material, concrete absorbs that moisture in the air (or on the ground in the event of rain or hail etc.) If the moisture doesn’t dry properly, mould and mildew can form on the driveway. Not only does this cause discoloration, but it also leaves a slippery surface for a driveway, opening up the potential for tires spinning or even slipping while walking on it. 

Having your driveway professionally sealed will help protect your concrete and seal it off from moisture damage, preventing the growth of mould and mildew. This will keep discoloration at bay and your driveway looking great for years at a time. 

4- Corrosion Prevention 

Preserving your driveway means keeping damage at bay. Aside from repelling water (which can be one of the strongest and most harmful agents to concrete and asphalt), driveway sealing can prevent corrosion due to other elements, such as sunlight and oxygen. Both sunlight and oxygen speed up the corrosion process, so keeping your driveway sealed can prevent cracks and other signs of wear and tear, protecting your investment. 

5- Home Selling Preparation

Are you planning on selling your house soon? Or are you just looking to spice up your home’s curb appeal? 

Think about the work that goes into improving your home for a sale. You want your property to look the price that you are asking for, but there’s a slight problem. 

A cracked, damaged, and worn down driveway with oil and mould stains definitely  doesn’ look good to potential buyers. That may indicate to them a lack of consideration and upkeep for the property, potentially setting the tone for the rest of their showing, and deterring them from making an offer that is worth your time. 

With a professional driveway seal, your home’s curb appeal will increase. Keeping a smooth concrete surface or gleaming pavers that stay clean regardless of spills and the elements will look great to any real estate agent or potential buyer that happens to come by. 

Get Professional Driveway Sealing Done with Boost Exterior Cleaning 

With professional cleaning and sealing services, our team at Boost Exterior Cleaning is ready to help make your home’s curb appeal and protection the best it can be. 

The application of a sealer can protect and enhance the look of your driveway for many years, and it helps prevent potential stains from dirt, engine grease, oil, and tire marks. We can also add a non slip additive to help increase the slip resistance of your driveway or path.

Boost’s high pressure cleaning services will get your driveway looking great again, and our specialty driveway sealing service will keep it looking that way for years to come. Rejuvenate your old concrete and paver surfaces with our professional cleaning and sealing surfaces today. 

Contact us for an estimate!

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