The Importance of Pre-Sale House Washing


Selling your home is a huge deal. 

Getting the property ready to sell means going through the checklist of home improvement projects, inspections, and cleaning jobs that you’ve likely needed to do for a while. 

Now, you have to get them done. This is your chance to showcase your home for anyone looking to buy, meaning you have to get it right the first time. 

First impressions are everything when selling your house. From the atmosphere created inside the house to the curb appeal on the outside, setting the tone for how potential buyers will feel about your home is crucial in getting the price you’re asking for. 

Increasing your home’s value even more means putting the time and effort into repairs, renovations, or recovery of the home’s best features. This is very true when it comes to curb appeal. 

Is the landscaping clean-cut? How does the driveway look? What about the exterior of your house? 

Does a clean house exterior mean better curb appeal and more money? How about a clean, stain-free driveway? Giving your home’s exterior a solid professional exterior cleaning before listing it on the market could change the quality and quantity of buyers you attract and the offer they’re willing to put in. 

Today, we will take a look at why pre-sale house washing is so important for you as a seller and even more so for your potential buyers. 

Give Your Home Some Extra Curb Appeal

As a homeowner, the first thing you should be focusing on when trying to sell your home is curb appeal. Side note: Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home, curb appeal is important in keeping the neighbourhood and home values higher across the board!

So when a potential buyer is driving down your street or pulling up to your driveway to briefly look at the house from the outside, what’s the first thing they see? 

The exterior of the house, from landscaping to brick, stucco, or weatherboard. 

So when you are getting to the nitty-gritty projects leading up to listing your home on the market, cleaning up the exterior of your home is an important one you should not overlook. A dirty home exterior will reduce your home’s curb appeal and the potential to sell your home at a higher value in a shorter amount of time. 

Mould, mildew, dirt, and other environmental contaminants can make timber, brick, and stone appear discoloured and dirty, leaving your curb appeal with a lot to be desired. 

Increase Your Home’s Value

Figuring out the price you’re wanting to list your home for is tough. Buyers from Sydney and Melbourne keep driving Brisbane prices up, but you still need to offer better value compared to other listings in your area. Of course, you want top dollar for the place you’ve called home for so long, but is it really worth the number you have in mind? 

A property appraisal is typically conducted before a home is placed on the market. This will give you a more accurate listing price based on the condition and features of your home. 

If the appraiser finds that the exterior of the home is dingy and dirty), your home’s value is likely to be less than expected. Keeping the exterior of your home in tip-top shape with a professional scrub and wash before the sale could boost your home’s appraisal value and give you the opportunity for a better sale. 

Speed Up the Inspection Process

Typically, before closing on the sale of a home, buyers and sellers have to wait for the house to undergo an inspection of the entire property. From the foundation to the plumbing and electrical connections, an inspector will investigate to see if the home is in good condition. 

Not only do first impressions mean a lot to potential home buyers, they mean even more when it comes to inspections. If you keep the exterior of your home clean with a pre-sale professional exterior house wash, the inspector will see that the house is in good condition from the get-go. With a positive first impression, the house inspection will often go quicker, as the inspector has less reason to believe that there are issues with the property around every corner, potentially leading to a smoother closing process. 

Sell Your Home Faster

If you were a potential home buyer that toured a home that doesn’t look like it’s been maintained at all in the last decade, would you buy it? 

By keeping your home’s exterior clean, you instantly convey that you have cared for your home well and kept up on its maintenance implying even from the outside that the inside is also well-taken care of. 

A pre-sale exterior house cleaning before your FOR SALE photo shoot can go the extra mile in drawing motivated buyers to your property. By giving buyers even that little bit of extra confidence that your property is well-kept and in great shape for their future, you stand to get your house sold faster.. 

Get Professional Exterior House Cleaning with Boost Exterior Cleaning

​​No job is too big or small for Boost Exterior Cleaning. We specialise in soft washing and we provide a complete exterior cleaning service using the appropriate pressure for the job. 

At Boost, we offer a full range of exterior cleaning services to boost the appearance of your investment. We have the equipment to do the job right and take pride in every job we do. We will assess your premises and determine the best mix of chemicals and pressure to apply to clean your exterior surfaces without damaging your property.

Our cleaning process will ensure your building looks its best for years to come. Get your free quote today!

Located in Tarragindi and serving the Southside of the Brisbane area, we specialise in:

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  • Driveway pressure cleaning
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  • Concrete & Tile sealing
  • Pre-sale house washing
  • End of lease cleaning
  • Tennis court cleaning
  • Shopping Centres
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